How to fix the annoying sound bar on your Apple TV 4K and 4K Ultra

It’s the most common complaint about Apple TV.

And that’s because the 4K resolution is a bit too big for your living room.

But now Apple is making things a little easier.

In a new video, the company shows how to fix this problem.

Here’s how it works: Go to the settings screen, and then select the audio and video channels.

You can also turn the audio on or off.

Now, in the audio channel, select the mute switch.

You’ll then see the sound bar and the sound volume on your TV screen.

The video channel has two buttons on it.

To select the one you want, tap the video button.

You should now see the 4:3 audio.

If you don’t, it may take a moment for the video to play.

It should be set to 16:9.

If it doesn’t, you can change the aspect ratio, select 4:2 or 4:1, or tap the 3D slider to see it at a wider angle.

If you don.t like how the sound is played, you’ll need to adjust the volume in the video channel.

Here, you should see a “Set audio volume” button next to the mute button.

Tap it to change it.

The sound will play in the background, but won’t be loud.

Here are some other ways to change the sound quality.

Tap the 3-D slider, and choose the desired audio level in the 4-channel audio channel.

You might also like to turn the sound off in the “Sound quality” menu.

Tap the “Play” button in the bottom right corner to start the audio playback.

You may notice that the sound bars start at 1,000 bpm.

This is because of the audio output delay and will be increased if you play in 4K.

Here is a full video showing how to do this.

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