How to order a Joes Cocktail Bar at the Corner Bar

Joes Corner Bar, the new restaurant in the downtown strip mall, will be offering a jello shot on tap starting at 10 p.m.


That’s one way to celebrate the new season.

The cocktail bar will have an assortment of craft cocktails, ranging from gin, tequila, rum and tequila-infused shots to cocktails made with organic, local ingredients.

One of the items you can expect to find at the corner bar is the Joes Original Recipe Jello Shot, which is served with a choice of two flavors: Joes Pecan Butter and Joes Vanilla Butter.

The original Joes recipe comes from Joe’s Restaurant, where Joe was a bartender for many years.

It’s a mix of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and ginger ale, and is also available with a chocolate mousse, coconut milk, caramel ice cream or strawberry jam.

Joes original recipe jello is served on an ice cream sundae.

On a hot summer night, this jello drink is the perfect way to cool down.

Joes Original recipe jello shots are available at the following locations:The Corner Bar at 703 S. Broad St. (near Broadway and University) at the J.M. Smucker’s store at the entrance to the mall.

(Photo: Michael Conroy / The Tennessean)A Joes store at 707 S.

Broad St. in Nashville, which will be open from 6 p.t. until midnight on weekdays and from 10 p,t.

to midnight on Saturdays.

(The Nashville location of the store is in the building at the center of the strip mall.)

The corner bar will offer an assortment at both the bar and the bar menu.

The Joes Jello Shots are available in six flavors:Joes Pekoe, the original Jello shot, made with ginger ale.

(Image: Courtesy of Joes)Joes Joes Butter, the Jello-laced, coconut-milk-and-lime-infusion jello shake.

(Joes Vanilla Pecans are available on the side.)

Joes Chia Pekoes, made from Joes Chocolate Pecanas.

(Pekoe Chia is made from Peko Nut.)

Jos Vanilla Pekos, made by Joe’s.

(And that’s the best part of it, the ice cream shake.)

Jobs will be the first Joes location to open in Nashville.

The bar is set to open for business in December.

Jobs’ opening in Nashville comes as other Nashville bars and restaurants are looking to attract patrons and customers.

There are more Joes restaurants and bars across the city and the Nashville-based company plans to add new locations.

The Nashville-area Joes will be located at the intersection of Broad and Broad Streets.

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