When the California bar exam comes back to Cali, you need to prepare for it

When the state bar exam returns to California in May, it will be a much more difficult one than it was before.

In fact, there are some serious changes to the way examiners are expected to perform.

As of July, there will be fewer than 5,000 examiners in the state.

That’s down from nearly 11,000 last year.

And if the bar exam goes down, it could spell trouble for some of California’s best and brightest, who could miss out on the big time.

“This will be one of the toughest tests in my lifetime, I don’t know how it’s going to be,” said James O’Connor, a former vice president at the California State Bar Association.

“I’m not sure what we’re going to do.

You know, I’m not confident that we can really pull off anything.”

The biggest changes will likely come in the areas of administering the exam, which are more rigorous than ever before.

While the state examiners will still be required to administer the exam with a clipboard and a pen, they will also have to complete the paper version of the exam that takes just a few minutes.

And in many ways, the exam will look very different from the past.

“The exam will be easier,” said Brian Rau, a spokesman for the California Board of Education.

“The paper version will be much easier to administer, and it will take much less time to complete.

The examiners, you know, they’re not going to have to take the same test.”

O’Connor and other examiners say the state will be more rigorous, but they also expect the exam to be less demanding.

The new exam will also be a little more complicated, with about 20 questions that require a more thorough understanding of the topic.

“I think that the new exam, I think it’s a lot more of a challenging test than the old exam,” said O’Brien.

“And I think the old test, they were pretty tough, and the new one, they’ll be a lot easier.”

The new exam won’t be the first time that the state’s examiners have been overhauled.

Earlier this year, the state passed a law that increased the number of examiners from 3,200 to 5,500, but that law also created a new licensing process that requires examiners to take additional tests before they are eligible to teach in California.

While the new California bar exams will likely be more difficult than the past two exams, it won’t mean the state has to give up the exam altogether.

“It’s still the bar in the U.S.A. We’re still the largest state bar association in the world, so we’re still going to provide the bar with the resources it needs,” said Rau.

“We’ve always had that capacity, and we’re always going to continue to do that.

So there’s going be no major changes.”

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