How to make a Clay Bar in 5 minutes

I can’t remember if I’m still on a mission to make more Clay Bars, but I did make a few for my brother and his friend when he came home from work the other day.

I wanted them to look like the kind of things I saw in my friends basement, but the challenge was to do it in 5-minutes.

It’s not difficult to do.

In the video below, I demonstrate what it looks like to make these Clay Bars using my favorite DIY clay mold, a 3-gallon bucket filled with clay.

Clay is the same mineral used to make cement and is used in traditional clay crafts as well as the production of plastic.

Clay can be made from all sorts of materials, including the wood you use to make your furniture, but clay molds are especially useful for making clay bars because of the way they can be filled.

The clay you’ll need To start, you’ll want to fill the bucket with a medium-size clay.

I used 2.5 inches of sand, which is enough to fill a medium sized bucket about 6 feet deep.

Once you’ve got the clay in the bucket, it’s time to put some mortar in it.

Sand is the main ingredient in clay mold molds and is the easiest way to get clay to stick to the mold.

You can use any type of clay you like, but they tend to be used in small batches.

To make clay bars, you can use the clay you already have.

You’ll want a 2-gallons-sized bucket that you can fit about 6-inches deep into, but a 3 gallon size is fine too.

The mold that I’m using to make the clay is called the Super Mould.

The Super Mool has a small, rectangular mold that fits in a bucket about 3 feet in diameter.

I cut a small hole in the side of the Super Mold to make room for the clay.

To fill the Super Mason, you need a 4-gallON bucket that’s about 3-inches in diameter and about 6 inches deep.

I use a piece of PVC pipe that has been coated with clay and sand.

Once the clay has been in the Super mold, I fill it with a few drops of clear sealant.

You don’t need to do anything fancy with the sealant, just fill the entire bucket.

I’ll cover the bottom of the bucket to make sure it’s free of sand and clay.

You will also want to put about a teaspoon of sand on top of the sand so the clay doesn’t stick to it.

Then you can put some water into the Supermould to make it look like it’s going to rain.

After you’ve filled the Super mould, you’re ready to put the clay on the bar.

I fill the clay bar about 3/4 of the ways, then seal the top half of the pot with the clay and then add a couple of drops of sealant and seal it off with another drop of sealer.

I’ve had success filling the clay bars about 4-5 times before I run out of clay.

The water and sand will help the clay stick to your bar better than using a sandbag or plastic bag.

After the clay fills up the Super Maker, you will need to make some holes in the bottom and sides of the bar to get the clay out of it.

Once your clay is in the bar, you should have a nice little clay bar.

When I’ve finished the bar I will cut it into 8 pieces to make them into bars that can be hung up.

Once I’ve cut them, I’ll use the top of each piece to make two bar holders, which can be used to hang them on a wall or on a table.

The bar holders will keep the clay inside the bar and will hold it from moving around inside the pot.

You want to make as many of these as you can because they’ll last longer and are much easier to clean than a plastic bag or clay bar holder.

The most important thing you need to know is that you don’t want the clay to go anywhere on the outside of the clay, so make sure to seal the inside of the bars as well.

Once all of the molds have been made, I can see how they can last for years.

They’re made from recycled materials and should last about 30 years if you don

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