What you need to know about the new Australian flag

More than two-thirds of Australians have backed a proposal to rename the flag that was first flown by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in the early 1990s.

Key points:The proposed changes have been put to a national referendum on the flagThe proposed change has been put forward by the Queensland Government and the federal Government, but it is still being consideredThe flag is the flag of the state of Queensland and has been the state’s official flag since 1975A number of states and territories have already changed their flags to avoid being branded as racist.

The proposal was put forward at the request of the Queensland government and it was rejected by the Federal Government.

The flag of Queensland has remained the state flag since the 1970s, with the State Flag Act being passed in 1977.

Queensland has been trying to improve its reputation and recognition as a multicultural state and to attract overseas visitors.

Queenas Prime Minister Scott Morrison has argued the change will help it attract tourists.

“I have a very strong commitment to the Australian flag and to promoting our national identity and promoting our multiculturalism and to make Queensland more welcoming,” he said on Wednesday.

“It’s not about a little change in the flag, but a real change and it is about an Australian-made flag.”

Queenslands Chief Minister Rob Oakeshott said he would vote against changing the flag if the proposal was approved.

“We are not going to make any changes to our flag until we get the full legal and constitutional powers that the federal government has to change the flag,” he told ABC radio on Wednesday morning.

“This is an issue for the people of Queensland.”

What’s the flag’s history?

Queenslanders have flown the flag since 1945The flag was first adopted in 1945 and has remained on the state-owned flag since then.

The current flag is based on a design that was adopted in the 1960s, which was then modified and re-designated the Queensland Flag.

Queers have flown it for nearly half a century and there have been several changes to the flag.

In 2008, the Queensland flag was renamed the Queensland State Flag and the state was formally incorporated as a Territory.

In 2015, the state became a Commonwealth jurisdiction.

A number a Australian states have also used the flag to commemorate state or territory events or events which have taken place in Queensland.

The changes have come under criticism, with many saying the flag was designed to be racist and has an unfortunate association with white supremacy.

Quebec Premier Jean Charest has previously called the proposal racist.

“The flag’s meaning is the one we have in common, not some of the many other differences that have been written into it,” he tweeted.

“In our history, we have been an immigrant nation, a multicultural nation, an Aboriginal nation, we were first a nation of people from all walks of life, from the most remote corners of the globe.

We were a nation that was proud of its Aboriginal heritage.”

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