‘I feel like the next generation’ of the best restaurants in the world

With a reputation for being the first to bring the latest trends to the table, the best of the modern burger scene have been doing so since before there was a word for it.

Here are five of the world’s best burger places to try next.

Puff bar Plus, a new burger joint that opened in New York City’s Times Square last year, is a bit different from other burger joints that have cropped up around the globe.

Its burger is made with beef tallow instead of conventional beef, a blend of white meat and chicken.

Puffed beef is the kind of fat that’s traditionally used to fry up bacon or sausages, and the restaurant uses it in a variety of ways.

It’s usually cooked in a pressure cooker to achieve a slightly charred flavour, but it’s also smoked in a smoker and then braised with the meat.

You can see the process in action in the video above, which features a quick taste test of the burger.

It comes with two slices of grilled cheese on a bun, a side of fries, and two different toppings: black truffle fries with bacon and onions, and crispy fried onions with poutine gravy.

The restaurant also serves burgers with fries and a salad, but you won’t find fries on the menu.

If you want a more traditional burger, Puff Bar Plus also has a salad bar, with sandwiches and fries.

The burger is so good, in fact, that Puff had to bring in a third burger for this special event.

Pressed burger and fries The burger at Puff.

Source: YouTube/Puff bar +  Puff Bar plus/Facebook/Instagram Puff bars are usually a good indicator of the quality of a burger.

However, a lot of the time, the restaurant is only offering a few burgers.

There’s the standard poutine, but there’s also a burger topped with ketchup and mustard and topped with bacon.

This one is a good example of the burgers that aren’t served in a single-serving bun, but instead are served in smaller pieces.

If there’s a huge number of burgers, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t also order a poutine.

The fact that the burger is cooked on a charcoal grill also means you get a different flavour.

You don’t get the same intense flavour of bacon, but the bacon flavour is very good.

If the burger has poutine on it, it’s definitely worth the extra time.

Poutine is also an option at Puffs bar plus.

The bar is home to the best burger place in the country.

If I had to pick just one burger that I love, it would have to be the poutine burger at the bar plus on top of the puffed beef burger.

That burger is delicious, but not as good as the burger at a burger joint.

But it’s a good burger, and you won’ t be disappointed. 

Puffed beef with fries  At Puffs burger, the fries are served with a side dish of black truffles, which is another one of the more subtle flavours that come with a puffed burger.

There are so many flavours, but this is definitely the best option I’ve tried.

The bun and the prawns are also both tasty, but I don’t think the fries themselves are a big draw.

Puffs is located in the Times Square district of New York, but they also serve other types of burgers in their Manhattan location.

The fries are the only thing that are sold at the restaurant.

The burgers are good, but at least you get some kind of burger.

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